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I had saved, I knew the phone for a long time, I know calling me, and it was not good that he had no money to pay the rent. I increased by 6 messages on the answering machine that had to pay, or will I be kicked out of my apartment. pornhubs I loved it live, but the bills piled up, and the idea of ​​movement was again terrible with my parents. three days ago who pornhubs had just returned from work when the door began to open, 'oi you there? ' War, cried, and my heart sank as I knew it was my own. was 2. 35 pounds to my name, and there was no way I'll be able to last three months has been paying rent. Tony was the owner of the living room, a large real boy, a real Jack the Lad, total N by itself. So, where's the rent, you ask?, There was a bed for months I tried to explain, and I hope the rent in the new year. That's not good enough, he says, and begins to show with your finger as he approached. I have pornhubs people waiting for this department, he says, and I want the moneyNow, I explained that he had no money, and would do anything to stay. , Tony starts to smile and sits on the couch. So what do you think should make money and then I ask? You want a pretty girl, if you fuck, I could drain a month's rent, but do not forget you owe me three months, so the three of you, fuck me. Now, it seems to have many options then, and I nod to him. I'm not a girl with a lot of experience and pornhubs have always had the child take the lead. Come, he says, and move on, I stand before him, and he puts his legs on either side of it, so my legs are extended. I am very concerned because they do not quite know what to do. puts his hands inside the legs of my stuttering and my thighs. I wish I had brought shorts to work today. Turn around and bend over me, then lifted her skirt over my ass, so you can see the top of my thighs and my underwear just for my ass. She grabs my knickers and pulled down my UPS are valid. I leave my underwear is the use of my ass. He pushes me more and more, so you can see my ass and my pussy, my legs so you can see all of my pussy as I lean. spits on his fingers and touched my ass and slides his fingers over my lips and then put their fingers in the middle, so I'm open. I'm wet, however, because much of what is going on'm surprised. He leans over me, then the edge sides of the tongue inside my pussy. pornhubs I want you so fucking wet, he says, I'll be your pussy and ass as I want. He then begins to rub her ass and pussy with her fingers, rubbing my clit, which I think is beginning to swell. He starts giving me the finger, the God who so firmly, as he says, I will fuck I love you. He has his thumb on my clit with two fingers in my vagina and now in my ass, I've never done this before, but I have to pay rent, and he says it can be drained. I'm beginning to seery wet, I can not help myself. Now I turn around and showed me on the couch, he stands in front of mine. You to suck my cock, he says, that's something that has never done before. It takes big cock pornhubs hard and pornhubs keep crabs hid the back of my head. Put it in your mouth and suck, he says, then puts his cock in my mouth and holding his jaw, so I have to close your lips around it. He then begins to move his hips and starts to fuck my mouth. He has to keep my hair because, as he fucks my face. She moans and suck more I try, pushing it right into my throat and I gag, but he believes that we must do. That's better, he says, he pulls pornhubs out of my mouth and he says, licking all the way. A then has his cock to his balls in my face, which was in the mouth and, as he says, I like, I love it. I bite the balls, he asks, if only slightly. How do I simply can not hurt to feel my pornhubs teeth in them, but he. I'm sucking and biting his balls. I'm starting to pbe determined with his cock as I do, it seems. I want to pornhubs cum in your pussy, she says, kneeling, as I pressed my legs on his shoulders, his penis in my vagina so. It is pushing very hard in and out, which made ​​my pussy for distribution to the lips, as he says again. He fucked me very hard, groaning as he called me his little whore. A then the tail and lift out the ass a bit and I can feel his cock probing ass. He withdraws and puts a finger in my ass again runs the risk of wet and lubricated then slowly pushes the clock on my ass, very slow and I can feel how tight I have the ass and the way it treats of them are driven by. I curse what will happen forever, so it keeps the pressure and before I know I can feel his balls in my ass. kicks ass, fucking different, but I can not say that I like, I still shit, and start playing with my clit, my pussy is always wet and the execution of theup the ass so slimy that it really is so fucking my ass always nice. I always feel his hard balls in my ass, he yells that he is, does going to cum in my ass. When he finishes, he pulls out and wakes up to follow his will, he pushes his fingers in what can feel my ass filled Whit Monday as his cum. gets up, pulls his pants and says that next week to pay pornhubs for the next few months and wants to find me naked in bed when he arrives. I am now, I could get something out of this!
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